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Lazo System for Advertisers

Outdoor advertising gives you access to the right consumers; Lazo makes it easier for them to take action. Using an iPhone or Android smartphone, consumers are only two screens taps away from getting in touch with you and your business. Lazo brings your billboards to the digital era.

Lazo Makes Outdoor Advertising More Effective:

Lazo delivers comprehensive details about your products and services, explaining advantages, and showing benefits.

Improve Recall - Exposure to a billboard can be very brief, but Lazo allows consumers to capture your billboard and access it anytime.

More Flexibility - You don’t have to redo your billboards to show a new message, Lazo allows you to change what you want to say easily and as frequently as you want.

  - Conduct surveys
- Promote new uses for your product
- Show consumers what’s new

Enables billboards to engage the consumer using audio and video. Lazo turns any static outdoor advertising into a digital advertising gateway for your business.
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