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Lazo System for Consumers


Lazo was developed to allow consumers to quickly and safely access contact and special offers information about businesses that use outdoor advertising. Lazo retrieves information about advertising billboards near you and makes it easy to learn more about products, current offers and contact business that are relevant to you.

Advertisers want your business and use billboards to get your attention, but more often than not, their message gets lost in the clutter and many times when it gets your attention, it’s hard for you to take action; specially if you don’t have pen and paper to write their information down.

With Lazo you can take control and interact with messages that are pertinent to you at your convenience and the way you are used to in the internet age.

The Lazo mobile application is a tool developed for you and will not share information about users and does not generate unwanted emails.


Always use your best judgment when driving. Do not become distracted by the device or the application and always be aware of the driving conditions. Minimize the time spent looking at the screen while in movement. Save the information you want and access it when it is safe to do so.
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